Removing the silicone breast augmentation

If you have breast augmentation and you are not satisfied Or want to correct the breasts to return to their natural appearance? Do you know that surgery can be performed to remove the silicone breasts?

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The reason for the removal of the breast silicone can be caused by a number of factors. Most people who have undergone breast surgery may want to remove the silicone or have a new breast surgery because the original silicone is too hard. silicone shrinkage tear silicone mobile silicone wrinkles on the chest surface or the results of breast surgery do not meet the needs, etc.

How should I start with breast implant surgery?

– Make an appointment with a surgeon for a consultation

– Consult with a specialist surgeon about the details of the surgery including the pros and cons that may occur.

– Consult with your surgeon about the desired outcome of the surgery.

– Inform the surgeon what medications are currently taking Including vitamins and supplements, after which the surgeon will inform you to stop taking those drugs before the surgery.

– Inform the surgeon about the health history from past to present

– Inform the surgeon about any medications and foods you are allergic to.

– Refrain from smoking for 2 weeks before the surgery.

– Schedule an appointment for surgery

How to surgically remove silicone breast implants

  1. The doctor performs a physical examination. And the anesthesiologist started anesthesia.
  2. In the case of replacing the silicone breast augmentation with a new size silicone, the doctor will remove the old silicone. Then scrape the map of the old silicone and replace it with a new one.
  3. Silicone removable case The doctor removed the old silicone and scraped the fascia around the old silicone.
  4. Clean the wound at the surgery area, suturing the wound.
  5. The patient recuperates in the hospital for 1 day after surgery.

surgical period

Approximately 1-3 hours, depending on the difficulty of each individual

Care after surgery to correct or remove silicone

Wear a sports bar or underwire bra.

When taking a shower, be careful not to let the wound come in contact with water.

Do not lift heavy objects or do strenuous exercise.

breast massage often

Results of removing breast implants

When the doctor removes the silicone face, the result is that the patient’s breast size will return to the same size as before with the silicone breast augmentation. In some cases, there may be sagging due to the elasticity of the breasts.

clear the problem of girls who want to augment their breasts The question is if removing the silicone breast implant will cause the breasts to really wrinkle or not?

After breast augmentation If taking out the silicone will it cause the breasts to wither??

Many people have asked the doctor a lot. In particular, there was news during this period that the surgery

When we had breast augmentation with silicone After a while, we took out the silicone and it appeared that the breasts were withered.

I have a question whether it should be removed or not. Or does surgery when removing the silicone make the breasts really shrink?

The answer is that there is a right part. Whether we remove the silicone and the breasts will wither or not or how much sagging depends on 2 things.

  1. Size of silicone that had been inserted
  2. How long we put the silicone in

Simply put, if you ever had a breast augmentation with a large silicone. And added in a period of several years, such as 5-10 years, the result is that when we add to the body, we will have the stretching of the skin.

It’s like when we’re pregnant. When we grow up, the skin will expand, similar to breast augmentation. Although at first we didn’t have breast meat at all.

Although we have no slack When we insert silicone into the skin, the fat under the skin as well as our original breast tissue will be stretched. Therefore, if it is extra large, it will be stretched a lot.

Second, if we add it over a long period of time, the skin will expand permanently. Therefore, when we remove the silicone, the expanded skin will not return to its original state. Therefore, it will become sagging.

Some people call it the dryness of the skin. In this section the problem arises. Therefore, for those who have had breast augmentation before. Breast augmentation with silicone if you really want to remove the silicone. Must consult a doctor before First, the doctor will ask how much of the supplement has been taken. Second, how long is the extension period? If we add it for a long time And then the skin has already stretched. Doctors generally do not recommend removing the silicone. Generally, if you want a smaller size, we can change the size.

Changing the size to a smaller size without changing the size Dryness or sagging is not as great as removing at all.

Therefore, people who have a silicone supplement have a problem. should consult a doctor first Unless it’s really necessary, your doctor won’t recommend removing it. What is the cause? If the cause is really necessary, such as breast cancer. It should be removed first, it must be admitted that after that there will be wilting of the breast meat. But if the cause is due to being large to heavy to drop can be edited

such as reducing the size of the silicone Or that breast lift surgery can help. without having to remove all the silicone The breasts have changed a lot.

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