A tie that is tied properly in general and a properly tied self-tied bow tie, in particular, is among those things that’s much harder to master than you think and, along with other snazzy initiations – an impeccable, clean wet shave, for instance, or being able to master the loading and unloading of dishwashers is a sign of a milestone into an adulthood that is self-confident and self-assured.


Six steps to tie an elegant bow tie. These steps can transform you in the manner that American musician Irving Berlin memorably phrased it to be a “million dollar trooper.” But, just in the same manner that you’ll be able to tie your tie identifying the business end from others, you must know the anatomy of bows before diving into its neck first.

Step. 1

The bow tie should be pulled until the length at which one end fits in its groove (known as the neck). If you’re right-handed, the longer side must be right-handed, and vice versa if you’re left-handed.

Step. 2

Fold the longer end of the bow tie over the shorter side, squeezing at the top of the strap above the ‘leaf’ bow tie. Move under the center and through, pulling it in a way enough to feel it but making sure it’s not pressing into the neck (or blocking airways). Remove the larger side (the side you pulled up through) on your shoulder.

Step. 3

Make a face-to-face mirror, then fold the opposite side horizontally with your bow tie’s neck in the middle to resemble the final product’s design aditianovit.

Step. 4

Return the long end into play, then draw it downwards in a direction parallel to the other spread horizontally. This will create the central knot. Therefore, this move should be made using the bow tie’s strap material rather than the leaf.

Step. 5

This motion will create small holes between the knot initially tied and the back neck on the horizontal spread. Place the vertical spread underneath the horizontal spread, and then push it through the hole using your thumb. Squeeze it gently but be sure you don’t turn it around as you go.

Step. 6

After that then, stand up before the mirror once more to give it another firm squeeze with your fingers on the folded end. Play around to see if you’re satisfied.


Dark green bow ties are always a classic choice for any formal occasion. Whether you’re going to a black tie event or want to add some flair to your everyday outfit, a dark green bow tie is sure to be an appropriate and timeless option. 

But if you want something more current and fashionable, you should opt for a green paisley bow tie. Not only will the pattern make a bold statement, but it also complements many different skin tones that can help show off your style and personality uniquely. 

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