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Bengali is one of the most commonly-spoken languages in the world. It’s also one of the most endangered. That’s because nearly half the people who speak it don’t have any written language skills. That’s why, nearly every year, there is a movement to remove ‘বাংলা জন্য স্থittiyanagar Bengali from official schools and learning institutions. We call it kriti-anagranam (rescuing endangered languages). In this blog, we will discuss how you can help save or at least preserve your favorite dialect of Bengali from becoming an extinct language toonily.

What is kriti-anagranam?

Kriti-anagranam is a movement to protect or, at least, to preserve endangered languages. It is a campaign organized by Dharma Sangit Parishad, (DSP) of Kolkata. The aim of kriti-anagranam is to have one vernacular language in the state. The state is planned to be made into a single vernacular. The first step is for the government to adopt a policy of promoting the spread of one vernacular in the state. By doing so, it would become an established language and bring an additional demand for education in the state.

What does it mean?

The word kriti in Bengali means ‘to spread’. So, what is the main purpose of kriti-anagranam to spread its cultural heritage? Let’s think about it in the context of the rising concern on cultural preservation in the country. In many countries, especially in Asia and Europe, a language is considered endangered when half its speakers are missing. In Bengal, the situation is very much the same. A language is considered endangered when only 5% of the total population speaks it. So, what exactly is kriti-anagranam? It is a campaign to save a language.

How to save a language?

One of the most effective ways to save a language from extinction is to ask a people for their help. For example, if you are a language enthusiast, ask some people in your area about their favorite language or about any other interest-creative activity that you enjoy. This will make it easier for you to save a language when, sooner or later, someone will come along who is interested in it. Another effective action is to adopt a culture-specific literary language. For example, if you are interested in Bengali grammar, write your works in the language that you enjoy. This will help you save a language and make it easily accessible to other people.

Traditional Bengali how to save it

Maintaining a traditional, educated and vibrant language is an important function for any government. That is why the Government of India has issued a call on the issue of protecting Bengal’s traditional linguistic heritage. There are many ways to do so. One can join an organization like the Association of Bengal Linguists (ABL) to protect Bali’s linguistic heritage and its speakers. Or, one can join a linguistic community organization like the Samiti (Linguistic Unit) of the People’s Democratic Party of Bengal (PDP-B) to protect the Zardari and Bediyan dialects.

Gothic and modern Bengali languages

Not only is it a beautiful language, Bengali is also one of the most endangered languages in the world. That is why it is a good idea to use a language guide when learning about it. For example, if you are learning Bengali for a job or for study, a good way to study the language is by using a grammar book or perhaps a grammar and vocabulary book in each language you are learning. After that, you can create your own listening and reading exercises using the language guides and textbook. There is even a Graphical Editing and Translating class at Bengal University where you can practice your skills with web-based games and apps.

Other Languages that are endangered or need your help

There are a lot of other languages that are also in danger of going extinct. Here are a few that come to mind right away: – Indonesian: The Indonesian archipelago, which includes the archipelago of Papua New Guinea, is one of the most rapidly changing areas of the world. If the Indonesian language were to become extinct, its speakers would barely be able to remember their old language. – Navajo: The Navajo language, spoken by the U.S. Navajo people, is critically endangered. – Samariboian: The Samariboian language, also known as New Bernese, is one of the most endangered languages in the world. – Sinhala: The Sinhalese language, also known as the Lao language, is one of the most endangered languages in the world. It is spoken by about 1% of the population of Sri Lanka.


Saving a language is a difficult but important task. There are many things that can happen in a language that prevent it from being saved. To keep a language alive, it is important to adopt a culture-appropriate reading and writing system, as well as learn new words and vocabulary, while adapting to changes in the environment. One of the most important things you can do to save a language is to learn it. Many languages are endangered, and it is important to learn the language and its grammar before it gets extinct.

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