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The BJP and JD(U) both released their campaign songs in Bhojpuri this year. The BJP’s song, ‘Bihar mein ee baa’, was sung by Neha Singh Rathore. The popular song is critical of the NDA government’s policies in Bihar. It also mentions the wrongdoing and deteriorating law and order situation in the state.

The BJP, RJD and Nitish government used the song for their campaigns. The BJP’s version talks about development and mentions investments in education and startups in the state. Both versions are based on the same concept. The lyrics of the song are equally powerful and catchy. You won’t want to miss them! Here are three of the best BiharSongs that are currently on the radio. You can listen to them and decide for yourself.

The most famous songs are the folk songs, or ‘Harkirtan’. The lyrics are chanted 24 hours a day at Hindu religious places. Bihar has a long tradition of singing and music. Some of these songs are traditional in nature and evoke strong feelings. For example, the Sohar song is sung during the birth of a child, and it is very popular among transgender people. You can listen to this song on JioSaavn.

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