4 Tech trends everyone must know

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Agribusiness: Monitoring of operations

The idea of ​​encouraging more intensive use of data generated by equipment in the field is a trend that is expected to grow over the next year. “It is possible to use the same devices that promote precision agriculture — such as application of inputs and autopilot, for example — to monitor fleets. This is an opportunity to leverage the digitization of the field through the more effective use of data”, he reinforces. With monitoring, managers have a view of what is happening and the guarantee that the maximum performance of each machine is being performed.

Housing: Rent and coliving

 A shared economy specialist and CEO, believes that businesses like proptech, which builds and manages developments that bring together ready-to-live-in studios, shared offices and other essential services Spectrum One, are expected to grow in 2022. ready to move takes place in a scenario where people are looking for a more flexible and uncomplicated lifestyle. “Changes such as the home office made it possible to live in different cities in short spaces of time, without having to consider commuting to work. Therefore, businesses that allow a person to just pack their bags and move out, without having to carry an entire house with them, should become even more popular next year,” he says.

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Enterprise management: Integrations between systems from different sources

The world is increasingly connected and this should be no different in the corporate world. The word of the moment is autonomy, so we will certainly see technologies (such as AI and IoT) simplifying the daily lives of users, giving them more ease and less need for support and consulting to deal with their demands”, he comments.

People management: “voice of employee” solutions

Solutions that collect and analyze, through surveys, the perceptions and feelings of employees must remain high even with the post-pandemic. That’s because they’re critical for gathering data and providing insights with guidance to help improve employee engagement, experience, productivity, and performance. “Demand for ongoing weather surveys has grown as a result of the pandemic, and demand is likely to continue to grow as remote and hybrid work environments are likely to follow. Continuous listening is a critical element in maintaining a connection with this far-flung workforce, and makes it possible to hear a broader set of employee concerns, prioritize investments and act quickly when needed“.

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